This blog is about building bridges between teachers and storytellers who use storytelling for pedagogical purposes, using the World Storytelling Day. Any ideas how to do that are most welcome, so please share them! You can start by telling visitors who you are, if you are a storyteller and/or a teacher and if you have special pedagogical interests around which you would like to cooperate. Use the comments field below!


7 responses to “Networking

  1. Hello, I’m a storyteller from Wales but right now I live in Brighton, England. I have a show called The Battle of the Trees that I am currently touring – very relevant to the theme of World Storytelling Day, quite by accident! The show is based on an ancient Welsh myth but it also includes personal and historic elements…. you can watch a teaser here:

    I’d love for the show to be part of some WSD projects!

  2. I’m So pleased to see Christine’s trailer!

  3. Thank you 🙂 Whereabouts are you based? Are you a storyteller?

  4. I am a storyteller in Western Canada – Calgary, Alberta to be exact. I sent you the message to see about connecting with WSD and Ulf after I saw Jan Andrews blog.

  5. aha – that was you! well as you can see I made it here. not sure what’s supposed to happen with this site though – there doesn’t seem to be too much activity!

  6. I think, I hope that will change!

  7. Aloha! I am a Native Hawaiian storyteller in Hilo, Hawai`i. We are hosting a WSD event on Wednesday at our weekly show, “Listen to the Forest” by Howard Shapiro and Marsha Hee. I share stories each week at the theater, and we bring different guests up for featured performances. Check out our calendar at!

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