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  1. This is an example of putting across infomration vai a story.
    In South Africa we have a subject called Economic Management Sciences. The following story addresses some asspects that the Gr 6 learners have to cover.
    A “spaza shop” is an informal store, often run in someone’s front yard.
    I hope you enjoy this and can adapt it.

    Three Pigs and Four Ps
    There was once a family of pigs – a mother and her three children. One day the mother told her family that she could no longer afford to feed them. “The time has come for you all to stand on your own little trotters,” she told them. “I can give you each a small amount of money and it’s up to you to start earning your own living.”
    The little pigs thought about what they were going to do and the first little pig, Porky, got very excited about opening a spaza shop. He went to Metro Cash & Carry and bought some goods with the money that his mother had given him. The next day he set up his boxes in the front garden of his mother’s house, laid out his goods and waited for customers. He waited the whole day and by the end of the day he had only sold one packet of sugar. Days passed and he made very few sales. He became very discouraged and could not understand why he was not making more money.
    His brother Podgy had been watching what had happened to him and he decided that he knew what the problem was: he noticed that there were not many people walking past their house and that was why Porky made so few sales. He then went off to Metro Cash and Carry, bought some goods with the money his mother had given him, took everything up the road to the taxi rank and set up his goods where many people were walking up and down. Many people stopped to look at what he was selling, but when they heard what he was charging, they said that they could buy the things more cheaply at Pig ‘n Pay and he too made very few sales.
    The third little pig, Pinkie, thought about what had happened to her brothers. She understood that for a business to be successful, it must be in the right place (location) and that the goods must be sold at prices that people were able or prepared to pay. However, she then went one step further: she went to the taxi rank and spoke to people about what they needed to buy and what they would like to see on sale where they passed to and from their places of work, when they were in a hurry. She then went to the fresh produce market and bought some vegetables and she also went to a wholesale butcher and bought some meat. She also bought some shrink wrap plastic. She could not buy a great deal, because her mother had not been able to give her a large amount of money. But, she took it all home and made up packs: she put four potatoes, two onions, two tomatoes, a handful of green beans and two pieces of stewing beef into each pack, wrapped it up neatly in plastic, wrote her price on it and then went to sit near the taxi rank to sell her Super Supper Packs. She even put up a sign that drew the attention of the passers-by on which she had written: Pinkie’s Super Supper Packs. The people were very excited to see what she had done and she sold her packs very quickly. This meant that she was able to go back and buy more vegetables and meat and plastic, and this time she also bought some small packets of salt and spices to put in her packs. Again she sold these packs very quickly. This continued until she had so many customers that she had to ask her brothers to help her to buy, package and sell her packs. Today she is a very successful business pig and is an example to all in her community.

  2. P S: In case you were wondering about the four Ps – our budding entrepreneurs have to think about Place, Price, Product and Promotion.

  3. I love the image of the pigs in a big city instead of the countryside, as in the picture below. And a “Pinkie*s Super Supper Pack” with just the right price, who could say no to that 😉 Thanks a lot Vanessa! Could you please tell more about a time when you or someone else used the story? Who created it?

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