Visit Metuselah from school or home

By pure chance I stumbled upon a cheap, safe and student-friendly way to visit the home of Metusaleh (introduced below), by many seen as the worlds oldest tree (S/he hasn’t met his/her swedish competetitor yet, but that is a story yet to hear). Use a special gallery tour function of Google Earth! It’s a bit like a 3D computer game and I haven’t yet quite figured out how to navigate through this virtual trip. But it really widens and deepens the experience, compared to what text and photos can tell your imagination. Once you have seen it, you can’t imagine how it would be not to have experienced the landscape where all these ancient trees live. So get Google Earth (we will have other uses for it later …) Open it and at “Layers” in the bottom left column, click “Galleries”. Look for “Researching the Ancient Bristlecone Pines”. I found it on the second page of interesting tours. Successes, problems and questions can be shared in a comment!


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