Trees, nature & ecological storytelling

Georgiana Keable is a british storyteller living with her family in Oslo, Norway, since many years. At the Ljungby storytelling festival in Sweden she did a wonderful performance of tree stories. This is what she had to say about her art:

At the same festival, Henrik Hallgren and his musician friend also had a similar program; “When the trees could speak”. Here is what he has to say about his experiences.

Henrik is a storyteller, archeologist and ecophilosopher. Here are some of his ideas about storytelling and ecology:

Please share your thoughts, experiences and questions in a comment!


5 responses to “Trees, nature & ecological storytelling

  1. Georgiana and Henrik, do you have any examples of questions and conversations which your tree/nature/ecological stories inspires?

  2. This site is a great idea!
    You can find several tree stories in my book EARTH CARE: WORLD FOLKTALES TO TALK ABOUT (by Margaret Read MacDonald, August House Publishers). Also other tales of being kind to our earth. It is a start.

  3. What Burns Me Comes from Me
    This sufi story given to me by Lisa Hurst Archer goes something like this when it is reduced to bare bones:
    A king loathe to give up his daughter to marry sets some difficult quests for prospective suitors. A clever dervish comes forward with a tongue as a gift for the king and declares it to be not only the sweetest thing in the world but the most bitter. His answer is the best of all.
    The king not liking the look of the dervish but seeing his clever nature, issues a new question that he is certain the dervish cannot answer. However the princess has fallen in love with him already and sees to it that he knows the answer by the appointed hour. The question the king asked as he served the dervish a cup of coffee was: “What does the water say when it rises from the pot as steam?”
    Bubble, bubble, hiss, hiss? Bubble, bubble, hiss, hiss? said the Dervish. “No, no said the king!”

    At the appointed hour when the moon was slung like a sickle in the sky, the dervish returned to say: “I was there when the servant opened the kitchen shutters. I saw the steam rising up to the heavens. I was there when the steam gathered together to form clouds, I was there when it fell back to the earth as rain. I was there in the curling root, I was there in the fresh green shoot. I was there in the great tall tree. I was there when the woodcutter came. I was there when he brought the wood and put it into the stove. I was there when the fire was lit….
    What burns me comes from me – What burns me comes from me!!”

  4. This is a lovely story….I know of another..”why trees lose their leaves” a native american story.

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