This is a place to share and find educational resources for the World Storytelling Day 2012. As you might have noticed, it is under construction …


One response to “Trees!

  1. Looking for Tree Tales, I came across these unusual names for trees in the Virgin Isles:
    the Love plant: the suitor writes the name of their beloved on a leaf and if it sprouts shoots, relationship will flourish (incorporate into your WSD show?)
    “Catch and Keep” – it sticks to everything it touches
    The “Nothing Nut” tree – because that’s all its nuts are good for
    The ‘Monkey-don’t climb’ tree – which is covered with sharp thorns
    And finally, a tree with many seed pods that rattle and clatter in the wind is called … the Women’s Tongue tree! Perhaps a Virgin Islander
    teller could rename it the storyteller tree?

    Roger in Singapore

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